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Tracking the bracelet trend at JCK Las Vegas

Summer is a time for lighter, sleeveless clothing, so it’s reasonable to expect that bracelets will be in high demand by the time you arrive in Las Vegas. 

To satiate the coming months’ demand, look to the long list of JCK Las Vegas exhibitors, new and familiar. The jewelry previews are coming in at a rapid pace, and it’s safe to say they’ve got your bracelet demands covered.

The trend seems to favor slimmer, more delicate silhouettes. Most are adorned with gemstones, some with iconic shapes and figures, such as hearts, stars and even animals. 

Glitter and glitz for the wrist won’t dwindle as we move into September, even as sleeves get longer and heavier. How can we be sure? Look at it this way: When bracelets look this good, why relegate them to a single season? Keep your eyes peeled for pieces like these, as demonstrated by a select list of JCK Las Vegas and Luxury exhibitors. You’ll come away with some of the year’s best-selling favorites.

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