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A preview of February’s birthstone at JCK Tucson

A visit to Tucson during Gem Weeks promises an array of rare and interesting gemstones—perhaps even some you’re seeing for the very first time. Exciting stuff indeed, and, with the talent lined up for JCK Tucson, you can count on impressive designs housing gems of all sorts. 

While we’ll surely be oohing and aahing the fascinating finds to come, we must pay homage to the classics, too. With the show taking place in February and all, it seems proper to celebrate its stone of the month: amethyst. 

This recognizable and beloved iteration of quartz is a must in any jewelry store. Its price tag is normally quite modest, and shoppers who go gaga for the color purple will be drawn to it in many forms, from its deepest plums to the light, cool shades of violet. 

While the stone is a staple in classic—often repetitive—designs (given that it’s a birthstone, it’d have to be, and those styles sell!), what gets any jewelry lover’s blood pumping is a really special take on amethyst, as only a designer with a well-honed perspective can do. 

There’s no shortage of that at JCK Tucson. From independent designers to family-run jewelers and more, many have amethyst pieces to offer, each one different—though just as enchanting—from the last. 

It’s a stone as fine as wine—and, given its color, much associated with the grape in old folklore. Here’s a preview of some of the juicy concoctions you’ll find this year at JCK Tucson.

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