4 Major Categories to Stock for 2019

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If you experienced the holiday rush of the century, the end of 2018 means ringing in not only a new year, but a new selection to your store. As people strive to begin 2019 with vigor, a little special something to carry them into the next trip around the sun will be in order.

On a granular level, there’s probably a laundry list of things due to order: new gift boxes for the back room, a manicured selection of showcase accessories to replace those worn bracelet and ring displays, a re-up of your best-selling bangle collection, birthstones for the coming spring months. But let’s make it easy for your growing list.

These four categories will call for your attention this year without doubt, so as you’re thinking about what to see at JCK Tucson, this might not be a bad place to start.

Go for Gold
While 2018 saw a lot of bold, chunky gold—particularly in the form of chains for the neck and wrist—don’t limit yourself to solely that in the new year. Seek gold of all mediums, from a darling pendant necklace to an oversized signet ring.

Wedding Refresh
No doubt love struck some of your holiday shoppers this year, so your engagement section could use a little updating as you ring in 2019. With chatter of champagne diamonds trickling in, consider giving your selection of fancy color diamonds a boost, from pale yellow to even a deeper brown. In addition, with reverse and double proposals on the rise, take stock of your wedding band situation—they may find an alternate life as a “management” ring or a jewel used to pop the question in addition to wedding jewelry for the big day.

The Indie Playlist
More than ever, shoppers want to know where their goods are coming from—if they could know who they’re coming from, all the better. So give them a name, face, and maybe even a story, by stocking goods from independent designers. JCK Tucson features a wealth of designers waiting to be discovered, so don’t miss a single one.

Interesting Gemstones
While your ruby, emerald and sapphire selection deserves extra care and consideration any time of year, expand the horizons of your gemstone assortment this year. Look for gemstones that, while equally familiar to a veteran of the jewelry industry, may seem new and adventurous to the average shopper. Stones like tourmaline, morganite, lapis and bicolor gemstones especially (is there anything more exciting than naturally occurring two-in-one?) all fit the bill. And of course, there’s no place like Tucson for finding gemstones—there may even be a few new (or at least newish) ones for an expert like you to discover.

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