Full Circle With Pamela Froman

fullcircle-pamelafroman-insiderpromo-450x450Pamela Froman discovered she had a knack for making jewelry during her college days at FIT. She quickly picked up a jewelry design major, and the rest for her is history.

She began her career in Paris, where she was influenced by Europe’s beautiful old architecture. She drew from that inspiration in creating her own line, which is now best known for its “crushed” style.

Froman will be making her JCK Tucson debut in February, and we are so excited to see everything she has to offer! In this week’s Full Circle, she gave us the lowdown on subjects ranging from her time in Paris to what she creates and even her own personal style.

Describe your day in three numbers.

25 kisses to my son, 50 sketches, 100 gemstones.

How did you get started in the industry?

I went to FIT in New York City for fashion design, but after I started to make some pieces for friends and family I changed my major to jewelry design. Once I graduated, I moved to Paris and started designing jewelry for European companies. This was a great learning experience, because I had to design collections with other people’s aesthetics, which taught me a lot. I can design anything in any kind of style of jewelry. When I was ready to branch out on my own, it was exciting to figure out my own artistic path and unique look.

Where do you get your inspiration?

After living in Europe, I have a love of Old World architecture, especially scrollwork wrought-iron gates, tile work, and the decorative domes of St. Petersburg [Russia]. I also get inspired by my own collection, which probably sounds odd. I will look at one of my pieces and come up with new designs by cutting pieces up and putting them together differently.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

Stay true to yourself, and don’t try to be everything to everybody!

What are you most excited about for JCK Tucson?

It is a new venture for me, so I am excited to see what happens and be a part of such a talented group of designers.

Describe your personal jewelry style in five words or less.

Thumb ring, hoops, opal necklace.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My son Hudson.

Last book you read or TV show you binge-watched?

This Is Us—I love that show! I am also reading Judd Apatow’s Sick in the Head.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Don’t laugh, I was a magician’s assistant when I was younger!

Where do you see your brand in five years?

I hope to be represented by more jewelry stores, as well as branch out and have a housewares and furniture collection.

What’s the biggest challenge of your career? The biggest reward?

The biggest challenge of my career is not having enough time and money to make all my ideas! The biggest reward is being a working artist and having the imagination to come up with lots of designs, bring them to life, and then see the joy they bring to the clients who collect my work.

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