Full Circle with Elizabeth Gibson from Eliza Page

Welcome to our conversation with fearless leader Elizabeth Gibson, owner and designer of Eliza Page Jewelry. Eliza Page showcases curated collections, by select, independent artists based in Austin, Texas and around the world. BUT that’s not all… the store also features a Signature Collection with one-of-a-kind and custom designs made with recycled or responsibly mined metals and only diamonds and gemstones sourced from accredited, conflict-free dealers. The store is stocked with simple, elegant, and effortlessly wearable yet always handmade, high quality pieces – the perfect place to spend some time and empty your pockets.

It has been said that Elizabeth is a woman you’re proud to call your rep, your boss, your peer, or your friend. Peruse through the Q+A below for a glimpse into the lovely little boutique, Eliza Page.

Tell us a little bit about your store.

We are a curated jewelry store that offers fun and fine jewelry collections from all over the world, including custom work. Most of Eliza Page jewelry is made by Austin-based artists, and we also have an ever-expanding Eliza Page signature wedding and engagement ring collection. Eliza Page was designed as an approachable and a relaxed environment from which to admire and shop beautiful jewelry. We have 2 locations, our flagship store downtown and a tiny jewel box of a store at the Domain Northside.

How did you get started in the industry?

I have made jewelry as a hobby since I was a small person. It was a passion which became my business. Back in 2004 I was ready for a career change and thought Austin was ready for a designer focused, approachable jewelry store offering a wide range of fun and fine jewelry. Therefore I opened Eliza Page.

What are some of the biggest challenges working in retail jewelry? The biggest rewards?

Working in an industry where wholesalers/designers whose brands you have helped built or introduced to customers are competing directly against you via online and brick and mortar retail outlets is the biggest challenge. But it is the most rewarding to share in someone’s engagement and/or wedding joy always are the most special experiences to take part in. We are always so honored to work with each customer on wedding jewelry.

What are the types of trends or changes you see going on in the retail scene right now?

Custom and one of a kind jewelry is a great and exciting trend that will not slow down. Also customers crave transparency on all levels and are very educated about products, sourcing and design. It’s fun to have such an enthusiastic customer.

Who are some of your favorite brands and what do you love about them?

I love the way Adel Chefridi’s collection presents a simple and modern take on ancient design elements. I LOVE Jamie Joseph for the way her passion for gemstones shines in every piece. I love the evidence of sculptural details in Shaseby’s simple, elegant designs. And we LOVE Julez Bryant for making the most beautiful handmade rose gold jewelry you can find.

It’s pretty incredible that over half of the collections you carry are created locally by Austin artists! How does this work for you and do you think this is a model that can be replicated in urban areas nationwide?

We are fortunate to work with so many talented local designers, our customers love it too. Austin is a creative and maker-focused city. The culture of our citizens and visitors encourages and supports uniqueness, creativity and entrepreneurship. Other cities could certainly do this depending on the talent level and demand for local jewelry.

What has been your most successful instore event to date?

Our anniversary events have been the most successful. We are so grateful for the support of our customers and hope they have fun at our events!

Being located in Texas during such trying times, what has been the most beneficial way to help your neighbors in Houston, and what else can the industry do to help out retailers who may have been affected?

Various events throughout Texas to raise funds have been happening each week, and spreading the word via social media to our customers is the best way we can support. Events and need will continue! This auction is happening now and is a great way to give back directly by donating here!

We noticed you are also selling tiny Texas studs to raise funds for the JJ Watt Foundation for Flood Relief in Houston. Have you gotten a good response from that effort?

Yes we have! We are so saddened for all our Texas friends and family who have lost so much. Texans have a lot of state pride and solidarity in that – we definitely want to help each other.

We love your social media presence and all the original content you create for it. How much time and resources do you put into your social media? Can you speak to the importance of social media for retailers?

We find it is incredibly important to our brand. My staff loves jewelry so we LOVE to take photos. We have dedicated staff who post and follow up each day. We get a lot of offline interest and sales via our social media posts. I think it’s incredibly important to create your OWN content and have a strong point of view. Follow us! @elizapagejewelry

One last thing! What are you most excited for at JCK Tucson this year?

Inspiration · Retreat · Newness · Sourcing · Networking

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