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What makes the ordinary extraordinary? A fresh perspective, says designer Brittany Weiss, founder and name behind contemporary jewelry brand W. Britt. For Weiss, creating a wearable jewelry collection is all about taking an ordinary, everyday view and turning it on its head. Current and soon-to-be fans of W. Britt will appreciate its fresh, captivating lines, packed with angles and bold modernity. Retailers carrying the brand—along with consumers—will also appreciate the price point. The fashion line, composed of sterling silver and often plated in yellow or rose gold, features highly saleable—and even more giftable—items. Below, Weiss talks about her design inspiration, the ideal customer, and what’s exciting about JCK Tucson.


How did you choose the name of your brand?

Brittany Weiss: W. Britt is a play on my name. Similar to my collections, I take the obvious and give it new meaning, flipping my name, Brittany Weiss, to W. Britt. I reassembled my name, imbuing it with new meaning.

Also, from a graphic perspective, W is my favorite letter visually and most similar structurally to my designs, so I wanted that to be a focal point. I also wanted something short and compelling, so I landed on W. Britt.

Your designs are incredibly wearable—the type of pieces that people with a variety of tastes would want to own. What kind of consumer do you have in mind when you’re designing?

BW: As a designer, it’s hard to pigeonhole my collection because I love to be all-inclusive, so rather than targeting a specific age or location, I would say the W. Britt consumer is a mindful, contemporary person who has a strong sense of style, a strong sense of self, and appreciates thoughtful design.


How often do you create a new collection, versus adding new pieces to an already established one?

BW: Generally, I create two new collections a year.


Do you have a favorite among your current collections?

BW: It’s hard to choose a favorite—it’s like choosing a favorite child—but I would say I am most excited about our newest collections, Acute Angle and the Tie collection.

What inspires your design process?

BW: The collections are inspired by the always present—but often overlooked—elements of everyday life, transformed into something new, beautiful, and wearable. Elements that I am drawn to for inspiration include architecture, geometry, furniture, nature, industrial objects, and any three-dimensional structures found in my surroundings. Each piece is an invitation to see things differently—for all of us to become more present in the world, and to notice the unexpected spaces where beauty might live. If you look, you’ll find it everywhere.


What are you most looking forward to at JCK Tucson 2018?

BW: I am most excited about sharing my collection with a new audience. Additionally, I am obsessed with gemstones, so I’m looking forward to being able to see such an extensive assortment. Also, coming from NYC, I’m looking forward to the warmth of Tucson!


Image credits:
Tie collection bracelet in rhodium-plated silver and silk, $225
Acute Angle collection choker necklace in gold-plated sterling silver with turquoise, $425

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