Design of the Times: Pascal Lacroix

Raised in the south of France, Pascal Lacroix honed his love for jewelry making under the guidance of his sculptor and designer father first, then embarked on his own exploration into the world of creative jewelry making. Now an award-winning designer, Lacroix specializes in sculptural, artistic creations for the wrist—bracelets, that is. You’ll find a number of his gorgeous collections at JCK Tucson this year, but we couldn’t wait until then to chat with him about wrist wear, inspiration, and the design process.

Jewelry runs in your family. I’ve read that you were inspired by the work of your father, a sculptor and jewelry designer. How did you know that jewelry design was the right field for you? Was there a moment that set you on your path?

I joined my father in his shop at age 15, and he was not the kind to let me get off easy. That prompted me to use my spare time to try to outdo him in design and technique, so I could earn some respect. The work he gave me to do was extremely repetitious with no creativity at all. What he taught me was to be self-reliant, and I thank him for that. I always loved making things, and even though I worked less than two years with my father, I knew then that I wanted to explore this line of work.

You’ve been at it for over 35 years. Do you remember the very first piece you created?

I still have my first pieces. They were bold, wild, and quite technical for the time. Those are what inspired me with the pleasure and challenge of designing jewelry. These endeavors are what earned me my first gallery exhibit in Paris in 1975.

 Your collections are made up exclusively of bracelets. Why did you opt not to create other types of jewelry?

Early on I developed a liking for bracelets because they provide a larger canvas to work with. I like to include technical aspects in all my pieces. I like their moving parts, and getting them to fit better all the time. Over the years I have enjoyed making rings for my friends, but bracelets are what I bring to the public. I see perfecting the making of a bracelet as my contribution to our wonderful industry.

 What inspires your design process?

I have always admired the cleanness of Scandinavian design, and the rigor of Japanese attention to detail. I translate the beauty I see and find in the world into bangles that radiate purity. I am always in search of the most beautiful way to create jewelry, an expression that reflects the beauty of the soul.

Tell us a little bit about your favorite collection.

My favorite collection has taken multiple directions. Through the development of new finishes and techniques, designs appear and are called to be made.

What are you most looking forward to at JCK Tucson this coming February?

I look forward to exhibiting at JCK Tucson because it has been a long time since I have seen the people I work with. We have bonded on the telephone over the years, and I hope to see many of the faces that I love.


Jewelry credits:
Orb bracelets in 14k white, yellow, and rose gold with 0.015 ct. diamond each, $3,762 each
Bracelet in 14k yellow gold with 1.5 ct. round diamond and 0.3 ct. t.w. diamonds, $5,742
35 Reeds bracelet in 14k yellow gold, $6,131

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