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Timepiece Talk: Cuervo y Sobrinos


10 Questions with LUXURY Watch exhibitor, Cuervo y Sobrinos President & CEO, Marzio Villa. 1. How many years in business? I started in 1974 as Sales Representative in the Watches’ sector, then in 1979 I opened a jewellery factory and I continued in the watches and jewellery business by opening the first company of distribution.  In 2003, after the acquisition of the Brand, I opened the Cuervo y Sobrinos Company. 2. How many timepieces produced per year? The yearly production is around 3,500 pieces, mostly in limited or special editions. 3. How many collections exist? We have five collections, four…

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LUXURY Brand Profile: David Mor


LUXURY Link sits down with Brandon Benilevi of Setare’, né David Mor Jewelry. Intrigued? Read on… LL:  When and by whom was David Mor Jewelry founded? BB: The company was founded by Mitchell Benilevi and David Khorsandy in 2001. Initially the focus was on Asian markets, mostly Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. There was a lot of business happening there, but over the past couple of years the focus has shifted onto the United States. LL: Describe the jewelry in 5 words? BB: Distinctively beautiful, rare and timeless LL: What’s new with the brand? BB: We are changing the name of…

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