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Designer Dish: Nina Nguyen

Design of the Times

This week, I put the spotlight on Nina Nguyen in my first feature of Design of the Times. I’m here to recap it all for you and introduce you to the first of many talented designers you’ll see at JCK Tucson. To discover the Who’s Who of Design that will be in Tucson, browse the exhibitor directory here. To register or learn more about JCK Tucson, visit the website. Nina Nguyen has been a loyal member of the JCK tribe, displaying her wares at our trade shows for years.  When I first reached out to her to gain some Intel…

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Shine Bright Little Diamonds!

Designer Workbench

Welcome to JCK Event’s new series, “Design of the Times”. With the reimagination of JCK Tucson and JCK Las Vegas’ Design Center, we wanted to create a space where our talented JCK design-focused jewelers have a place to shine. We also will be highlighting the amazing retailers who strongly support the studio artist. This is in essence, an online chronicle of our talented clan. In order for you to really understand my call for creating community, building meaningful relationships and helping emerging designers get their start, I think it’s helpful to understand why of all people I was selected as…

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