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Heart to Heart


It can be—and has been—argued that hearts for Valentine’s Day are cliché. But really, is there anything wrong with that? This symbol, so simple yet unfailingly classic, a staple time and time again in many a showcase and personal collection, still has the power to surprise. It can be as perfectly plain as a sleek metal silhouette, as intricate as a gem-laden, filigree-detailed find, or as grand as a rare, fancy colored diamond ring. So yes, stock up for Valentine’s Day, for those lovestruck (or, at the very least, lust-struck) shoppers. But also, pay extra-special attention to this icon for…

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The Bridge: On-Trend Fashion Jewelry at Accessible Price Points


There is quite the list of exciting new things coming to JCK Las Vegas for 2016. One of these things is a brand new neighborhood: the Bridge. Located on Bayside, Level 1, the Bridge is all about on-trend fashion jewelry at accessible price points—a bridge, or middle ground, between costume jewelry and high-end fashion jewelry. You must be looking to beef up your price-point category for the upcoming holiday season, and this is where this fabulous neighborhood comes in. One visit to the trendiest neighborhood around and you’ll come away with a bevy of selections for all of your shoppers, from…

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