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Heart to Heart


It can be—and has been—argued that hearts for Valentine’s Day are cliché. But really, is there anything wrong with that? This symbol, so simple yet unfailingly classic, a staple time and time again in many a showcase and personal collection, still has the power to surprise. It can be as perfectly plain as a sleek metal silhouette, as intricate as a gem-laden, filigree-detailed find, or as grand as a rare, fancy colored diamond ring. So yes, stock up for Valentine’s Day, for those lovestruck (or, at the very least, lust-struck) shoppers. But also, pay extra-special attention to this icon for…

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Desert Vibes


Soon To Be Hot At JCK Tucson Though temperatures in Tucson are forecasted to be in the high 50s to low 60s in the coming weeks (hey, a lot could change by then), chances are, that may still be an improvement over where you’re coming from. Sure, you can leave the shorts and tank tops at home, but where heat is concerned, there will be plenty of it on the show floor. No, I’m not talking about a malfunctioning AC system (the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa promises to be quite comfortable, I’m sure of that): I’m referring…

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That Design Life: Jewels Made By People You Want to Know


Farm-to-table. Small batch. Shop local. As more and more consumers demand to know not only where their goods are coming from but who is making them, designer jewelry (that is, jewelry truly dreamt up and realized by individual designers) is more important than ever. In a share-everything society, we often feel as if we know celebrities, athletes, and fashion designers, because we’re privy to an insider’s look at their lives (or at least, the lives they want us to see)—a rarity, if it existed at all, even 10 years ago. But these jewelers—yes, you may call them celebrities, as it…

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Design of the Times: Guita M and TK Metal Arts

Design of the Times

JCK Tucson is shaping up to have an exceptional lineup of exciting designers. A real community of artists has evolved, and it promises to be a place to discover the best and brightest in the world of designer jewelry. I had a chance to connect with two artists exhibiting at JCK Tucson for the first time—Guita Dovas of Guita M and Theresa Kwong of TK Metal Arts—and they shared their thoughts on balancing business with the creative side, their process, and connecting with the jewelry community in Tucson. Guita M Guita M is one of the designers I’m excited to…

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Style Role Call


A trio of trends to spot on the JCK show floor There are myriad reasons to attend JCK Las Vegas. Many go to enrich their store’s jewelry selection, to see the latest styles and technology from their favorite brands and suppliers, to meet new brands, to restock the staples. Some go to catch up with industry friends and connections, to get the next story, to seek out the styles, to reconnect. For most, JCK Las Vegas is a mix of business and pleasure (in the Las Vegas setting, with a schedule filled with both entertainment and education, how can it…

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