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Design of the Times: Alex Monroe, Maja Arnold, and Daniel Bass

Design of the Times

Get to know some of your JCK Design Center designers! By: Monica Stephenson, iDazzle Alex Monroe If I had to sum up the JCK Las Vegas show with one word, it would have to be “discovery.”  I am so grateful to have connected to Alex Monroe through this series, and if you have not uncovered Alex in his 30 years of making jewelry, I hope that you can see his work at JCK Las Vegas.  A magical convergence of entomology and exquisite metal work and gems, his work tells a story of biology, beginnings and cycles.  This aesthetic taps into the…

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Style Role Call


A trio of trends to spot on the JCK show floor There are myriad reasons to attend JCK Las Vegas. Many go to enrich their store’s jewelry selection, to see the latest styles and technology from their favorite brands and suppliers, to meet new brands, to restock the staples. Some go to catch up with industry friends and connections, to get the next story, to seek out the styles, to reconnect. For most, JCK Las Vegas is a mix of business and pleasure (in the Las Vegas setting, with a schedule filled with both entertainment and education, how can it…

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Meet The Designers


A Sneak Peek at JCK’s Design Center There’s just something about the Design Center. Its creative energy, its friendly residents, the unexpected finds and broad range of price points. The eagerness to share and celebrate, well, design. I’ve made no secret my adoration for the Design Center, and I know we aren’t supposed to pick favorites, but I just can’t get enough year after year. And this year, you’ll find so many of your favorites plus lots of fresh talent, too. From the always-anticipated row of JCK Rising Stars to a treasure trove of newcomers to the show, you’ll never…

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