April LUXURY Link—featured interview with Tiffany Kay

With winter in the rear view (thankfully!), our team is looking forward to some exciting jewelry happenings in the very near future—Spring Fashion, Mother’s Day, and Las Vegas!

With many wondering what to expect from the legendary bridal brand this year, we sat down with Tiffany Kay, of Scott Kay Inc., for a quick update. Expect new product additions, a commitment to brand integrity and longevity, and an infusion of personality (Tiffany is a charmer!).




  1. What can buyers expect from Scott Kay product-wise come showtime this year? Any new product extensions?
    Collections like Heaven’s Gates, Namaste, Guardian, and The Crown Setting, have such strong meanings and in part make up our DNA of the company. It’s what makes us authentic. It’s what makes us Scott Kay. History shows a designer’s influence can be reinterpreted through new hands, and that’s exactly what we will be showcasing through our designs this year at JCK.
  2. What is new with the brand?
    It’s no secret that there’s a lot of “new” here but with that said, the passion that fuels us at Scott Kay is that same passion that made my father an industry legacy, and is what continues to inspire the great strides being made on the brand evolution. Guess you’ll just have to come by to see!
  3. What are you most looking forward to about the show this year?
    There is an enormous amount of hard work being put into making JCK/Luxury 2015 the most special production Scott Kay has ever showcased at a tradeshow. Now, we are the storytellers, and we will make the running the man did live forever.
  4. What are your favorite non-work related activities to do as a team in Las Vegas? i.e. where will we find the Scott Kay team after hours?
    Well darrrling… having cosmos at the Cosmopolitan of course :)

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