Full Circle With Judi Powers

Judi PowersBefore Judi Powers became a jeweler, she had a career in book publishing. She pursued a dream to make jewelry, fueled by her love of telling stories and creating narratives. Upon debuting her fine jewelry collection in 2013, she immediately garnered attention; later that year she won the UncommonGoods Design Challenge.

Powers is now a second-year JCK Las Vegas Rising Star. Her mission in her jewelry design is to create pieces that are luxurious, effortless, timeless, and “as comfortable as your favorite cashmere sweater.” As if you needed another reason to love her jewelry, she uses recycled precious metals and ethically sourced colored gemstones and diamonds!

We caught up with our Rising Star to learn a little bit more about the inspiration behind her designs and her personal style, and got a sneak peek at what she will be revealing when we see her at JCK Las Vegas!

How did you get started in the jewelry industry?
Even though I formally launched my business in fall 2013, my long and winding jewelry path began in 2002. I’ve loved making jewelry since childhood, and I needed a creative outlet for too many reasons to count. I took metalsmithing classes on and off from 2002 until 2012, the year I decided I had to become a jeweler. In August 2012 I quit my first career as a marketing exec and enrolled in FIT’s one-year jewelry design program; I graduated in June 2013 and launched Judi Powers Jewelry a few months later.

What is something you know now that you wish you’d known starting out?
Hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it? But the thing is that my path is my path. I had to make mistakes in order to learn and grow. I also had to experience successes to fuel my motivation and ambition. Being new in a profession is all about learning, and I’ve done so much of that in three short years!

What is your go-to source for inspiration?

Describe your brand in three words.
Effortless. Joyful. Enduring.

What has been the biggest reward of your career?
All of it has been rewarding. It is the greatest gift to do the thing I love every single day and to see the smiles on the faces of my happy customers.

What is one piece of jewelry you could never live without?
My Arun Sawad ring. It is my constant companion and it keeps me centered and happy.

What is your social media app of choice?

What is one item you’d be willing to splurge on?
Besides jewelry? Art.

What is your favorite quote or personal mantra?
I have so many, and this one from Teddy Roosevelt is always front of mind for me: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?
I have three—going to a yoga class with my sweetheart, sharing a meal with treasured friends, and cuddling up with my dog.

Describe your personal jewelry style.
Timeless. Layered. Lots of tourmaline. A few diamonds here and there. Feminine.

What’s next for Judi Powers Jewelry?
I’m working on a new collection with some beautiful stones I found in Tucson. I’ll be debuting that new body of work at JCK Las Vegas, where I’ll be a second-year Rising Star.

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