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Bridging the Gap With TOUS


Somewhere among the mayhem that is JCK planning, I was fortunate to carve out time on Rosa Tous’s calendar to talk JCK Las Vegas, bridge jewelry, and uncover more about her family’s brand. TOUS is a jewelry and accessory company with presence on five continents, 500+ stores, and Rosa stands at the forefront as the company’s corporate vice president. Gemologist by profession, Rosa studied at the GIA in Los Angeles and is currently a member of JORGC, the official association for jewelers, goldsmiths, and gemologists of Catalonia. Rosa began to work in the family business in the ’90s, when the brand began…

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Bridging the Gap with Charriol

Charriol Bridging the Gap

A few weeks ago, Coralie Charriol-Paul, creative director for Charriol made her way to JCK’s New York office to sit with me before she caught a flight. I knew the backbone of the brand’s story but wanted to dive deeper. We talked for more than an hour, and I’m so excited to share her family’s story. Charriol is a family-run international luxury watch and jewelry brand that continues to carve out a distinct name for itself, most widely known and loved for its ability to constantly revisit the brand’s signature cable motif. Coralie was born into a family of pioneers who mastered the craft of…

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Bridging the Gap with Chan Luu

Bridging the Gap Chan Luu

Welcome to JCK Events’ new series, Bridging the Gap– a place to talk bridge jewelry you’re soon to shop at JCK Las Vegas. The importance bridge jewelry holds is major, that’s why we’ve launched a NEW neighborhood on the show floor dedicated to it. The Bridge will feature sizeable global brands with on trend costume jewelry at accessible price points. This category bridges the gap between fashion and fine jewelry and in similar respect; this series is designed to bridge the gap between a brand and their story, talk challenges, inspirations and get the inside scoop! (Knowledge is power, right?) Look at…

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