Full Circle With Judi Powers

Judi Powers

Before Judi Powers became a jeweler, she had a career in book publishing. She pursued a dream to make jewelry, fueled by her love of telling stories and creating narratives. Upon debuting her fine jewelry collection in 2013, she immediately garnered attention; later that year she won the UncommonGoods Design Challenge. Powers is now a second-year JCK Las Vegas Rising Star. Her mission in her jewelry design is to create pieces that are luxurious, effortless, timeless, and “as comfortable as your favorite cashmere sweater.” As if you needed another reason to love her jewelry, she uses recycled precious metals and…

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Full Circle With Benjamin Javaheri

Benjamin Javaheri Uneek

Benjamin Javaheri’s last name is the Farsi word for jewelry. It’s as if his career had been destined for him! His Persian heritage spans four generations of family involvement with fine jewelry. Founding president and nine-time award-winning designer Javaheri is the face behind Uneek Fine Jewelry, established in 1996. Uneek’s signature styling blends the bold spirit of contemporary American culture with delicacy and detail born of Old World metalsmithing and stone-setting disciplines. It successfully pairs the design aesthetics of today with centuries-old approaches to the art and science of creating pure luxury from gold, platinum, and diamonds. We chatted with…

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Full Circle With Paula Lee

Paula Lee

Paula Lee has found herself at some of the top publications in the magazine industry covering a subject we all know and love—fashion and accessories! Lee graduated from New York University with a journalism degree. She began interning at Harper’s Bazaar and worked her way up to accessories assistant at Marie Claire and now accessories editor at O, The Oprah Magazine. Lee’s Instagram features some swoon-worthy accessories. Since jewelry is a huge part of Lee’s job, of course, she was recently in Tucson to do some trend spotting and judging for the JCK Tucson Design Challenge on behalf of O, The…

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Heart to Heart


It can be—and has been—argued that hearts for Valentine’s Day are cliché. But really, is there anything wrong with that? This symbol, so simple yet unfailingly classic, a staple time and time again in many a showcase and personal collection, still has the power to surprise. It can be as perfectly plain as a sleek metal silhouette, as intricate as a gem-laden, filigree-detailed find, or as grand as a rare, fancy colored diamond ring. So yes, stock up for Valentine’s Day, for those lovestruck (or, at the very least, lust-struck) shoppers. But also, pay extra-special attention to this icon for…

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Design of the Times: So Young Park Studio & M. Spalten

Design of the Times

JCK Tucson is almost here! In addition to gems of the mineral kind, it offers discovery and connection with gems of a different kind: the artists and other people of the industry. It’s powerful when we get together IRL (in real life) to explore new aesthetics, find new talent, and reconnect with old friends. There is a real community at JCK Tucson waiting to be discovered! So Young Park Studio I have been an admirer of So Young Park’s jewelry work for a long time. She has a way of challenging your perception of what fine jewelry looks like. Her jewelry is…

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